Cardano Staking pool

Sweet ADA

Reliable and secure servers at only 1% fee.
Join us in the sweetest pool in the community.

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Pool Statistics

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SWEET Ticker

Total stake


1% Fee

Competitive pledge

With more than 700k ADA pledged, our pool differentiates from other pools, and guarantees a higher chance of generating blocks due to the pledge influence factor.


By delegating to a small pool, you are making a contribution to a decentralized Cardano ecosystem, while still generating similar returns to the ones from big staking pool groups.

Low fees

The aim of this pool is to support Cardano's ecosystem and it's decentralization. As soon as we start receiving blocks, the 1% fee will be enough to cover our server costs.

Reliable servers

Hosted on award winning cloud service providers, with reduntant relays and distributed over 2 different continents, we can guarantee an uptime of more than 99.99%. This results in a pool that does not miss blocks or becomes offline, even during updates.

How to delegate

Ready to delegate? Just open your Daedalus or Yoroi wallet. All you need to do is go to the delegation center, then stake pools, and search for our ticker SWEET. If you still can't find our pool, copy our pool ID by clicking the button bellow.


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